1、—It was really kind of you to give me a lift home.

—Oh! It’s my pleasure. We _____ past your home anyway.

A、were coming        B、will come          C、had come         D、have come

2、—Eric, _____ can you have your poster been ready?

—I’m not sure. We are still waiting for the final design.

A、how long   B、how soon C、how often        D、how far

3、 —How do you find your new classmates?

—Most of them are kind, but _______is so good to me as Bruce.

A、none        B、no one      C、everyone      D、someone

4、 – I didn’t go to the cinema yesterday. What about you?

– _____________, because I was preparing for the project all the lime.

A、Neither I did      B、Neither did I   C、So I did         D、So did I

5、A overpass(高架桥)fell down on Oct. 10 in Wuxi. The local people wondered _____.

A、that why it happened

B、how did the government help solve the problem

C、what caused the terrible accident

D、how many people are killed in the accident

6、 The price of television sets is becoming _________. So every family has at least one TV.

A、fewer and fewer      B、less and less

C、higher and higher    D、lower and lower

7、The number of the tourists to Nanjing_______ and a number of them _____their holiday during their stay.

A、is getting larger and larger; enjoy       B、are getting more and more; enjoys

C、is getting more and more; enjoy        D、are getting larger and larger; enjoys

8、The boy ________ his hand and asked if the sun ________ in the east every day.

A、rose; rises        B、raised; rose    C、raised; rises      D、rises; raised

9、______of the students’ parents in our class are in their ________.

A、Two-fifths; forties                    B、Two-fifths; fortieth

C、Two-fifth; forties                      D、Two-fifth; fortieth

10、The time he has devoted______the poor is now considered to be______ great value______him.

A.to help, of, for         B.to helping, /, to

C.to help, in, of    D、to helping, of, to

11、— How often do you visit your grandparents, Millie?

—_____my dad_____my mum goes to work at the weekenD、We visit them on Saturdays.

A.Both, and           B.Either, or

C.Neither, nor      D.Not only, but also

12、—How difficult! It was a real race __________ time to get the project done.

—Luckily, we made it.

A、over B、against     C、above     D、between

13.— Mum, I feel very thirsty. Can I drink some orange juice?

— I’m afraid you can’t. There is    left in the fridge.

A、none B、nothing     C、something     D、anything

14、 An elderly couple as well as a child________ to enter the building just now. They all looked very happy.

A、were noticed         B、was noticed       C、noticed       D、have noticed

15、—I’m sorry, but what did he say just now?

—He asked you ___________.

A、who has been to the USA in your class

B、when did China become a member of the World Trade Organization

C、what was wrong with your computer

D、that China had wonderfully held the Olympic Games

16、 —Would you mind opening the door?

—_________. You can open it if you like.

A.No, please don’t    B、Yes, of course

C、No, Certainly not      D、Yes, I’d love to.

17、 —You’ve never been to Shanghai Disneyland, ______?

—________. How I wish to go there again!

A、have you; Yes, I have         B、haven’t you; No, I haven’t

C、haven’t you; Yes, I haven’t      D、have you; No, I have

18、 —Do you know _______ the meeting will last?

— ___________ the agreement is reached, I suppose.

A、how long; Not until   B、when; Not until

C、how long; Until      D、when; Until

19、—Billy sometimes gets _________ sleepy in class.

—That’s because he always has _________ sleep at night.

A、a bit; little   B、a bit of; little C、a little; much D、a lot of; a little

20、All our dreams can come true as long as (只要) we have the ___________to fight for them.

A、interest         B、thought C、praise           D、courage

21、On April 15, a fire ___________ in Notre Dame (巴黎圣母院) , a centuries-old cathedral(大教堂) in the heart of Paris.

A、broken down B、broke out C、put out D、carried out

22、- I have a package _____________, but I’m too busy.

– Why not get your cousin ______________ it for you?

  1. to send; to send   B、sent; seed       C、to send; lead     D、sent; to send

23、— Do you like the song Childhood(童年)?

— Of course. It reminded me of _____ many memories that I could _____ control my feelings when I heard it.

A、so; really       B、so; hardly C、such; nearly     D、such; mainly

24、—I’m afraid the little boy can’t work out such a difficult maths problem on his own.

—Me too. _________, he is only 8 years old.

A、In general    B、Above all    C、After all   D、In all

25、-If you come to Taizhou, don’t forget to buy some Jiangyan puff pastry(姜堰酥饼) for your friends.

-_________. I _________ just now.

A、OK, I don’t; reminded       B、No, I won’t; was reminded

C、Yes, I do; reported       D、Sorry, I will; was reported

26、-There was little rain in your hometown last summer,____________ there?

-_____________. Plenty of plants died in the fielD、

A、wasn’t; Yes         B、wasn’t; No        C、was; Yes        D、was; No

27、 -I guess that _________ you __________ Joan enjoys skiing.

– Exactly. We are crazy about skiing and we often go skiing together.

A、neither; nor    B、either; or     C、both; and        D、not only; but also

28、______we cannot change yesterday,we can learn lessons to face tomorrow.

A、Though    B、As          C、Since         D、Unless

29、A study shows that rude languages spoken to children may have bad results that go beyond ______ of beating them.

A、that B、those   C、it   D、ones

30、 Hi, Simon. I hear that you’ve just come back from KoreA、I’m calling to ask______________.

A、how did you visit the city                  B、how many days you’ve spent there

C、which hotel you stayed in Korea             D、how you found the popular local food


1、 People are wondering why the price of the flats in Wuxi______(rise)so fast in the past few years.

2、 Jim promised that he__________(return)the two magazines to me in two days.

3 、In her childhood,she was told that glass__________(break)easily.She should be careful with it.

4、 The Whites___________(require)to remove the snow in front of the gate a moment ago.

5、 The book he is looking forward to___________(come)out at the end of next month.

6、 More attention should be paid to__________(build)the nature reserves in Western China.

7、–Excuse me,when can we play tennis at the court?

–Not until it__________(repair)this weekend.

8、 She prefers___________(take)the subway to work rather than drive in such bad weather.

9、 –Why are you going there now?

— Why? At least ______________ (prevent) him leaving.

10、 Will you be kind enough to hold the door open for me as I ___________ (carry) too many things to spare a hand?

11、 If population growth_______ (not control) properly, it will be probably the most serious problem.

12、 As we know, tools made of metal ___________ (not break) easily.

13、 – Have you received Wendy’s application form?

— Not yet. She told me that she wanted to check it again and ___________ (hand) it in soon.

14、 Teddy can’t stand up straight because he ___________ (lie) in bed for days with a bad cold.

15、 The suggestions most members offered to the chairperson ___________ (follow) at last.

16、—Nowadays lots of goods from China are very popular  in the world.

— Yeah! Many people can hardly avoid _____________ (buy) goods made in China.


Sunglasses are used to keep out the sunshine,but now they can also make you happy.Recently,a group of Danish engineers invented a special pair of glasses called Seqinetic that can bring “sunlight” to people.

People are likely to feel blue in winter.The sunglasses use a battery.They have six LED lights and a reflector that can shine daylight around the eyes(but not straight into them) and improve your mood.

You can wear them on a computer or pretty much anywhere else.The engineers say that if you use them for up to 30 minutes a day,you will have much more energy during the long,dark winter months.You can buy them from online shops for $75(RMB 467 yuan).

We all have experienced the pain of being hurt by hot food.But now,there is a way to fight the pain.Scientists have developed a special strip that can quickly stop the pain of burns.

Put it on your burn and the pain goes away.A kind of anesthetic(麻醉剂) in the strip helps stop the pain.

“The strip is harmless,which is very useful for anyone who burns their month while eating and dringking hot foods.”said Jason McConyille of the University of Texas.

Title: Two little Inventions
Special sunglasses called Seqinetic ●They are invented by a group of Danish engineers.

●They use a battery and have six LED lights and a reflector.

●They can bring “sunlight”to people to_________people up.

●If you use them for up to half an hour a day,you will become more __________during the long dark winter months.

●You need to pay seventy-five_______for each pair.

A special strip with a kind of anesthetic ●It can quickly stop the pain of burns.

●If you put it on your burn,the pain will_________.

●The strip is not________.It is useful for everyone who burns their mouth while eating and drinking hot foods.



1—5 ABABC 6—10 DACAD



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